New Chilean Wine Importer

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VinoSur LLC, a new importer of wine in California has begun selling wine as of July. In the first year VinoSur will sell wine to restaurants, hotels, wine stores, and supermarkets along with other items. The distribution will specifically be in San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley and all the bay area. Among the wines we have chosen to star with at VinoSur are those from La Tosca by Peralillo winery The wines we are show casing from them are a Carmenere and Cabernet Sauvignon.

This boutique winary cares about the quality of their product and they export most of their wine. VinoSur is also excited to be starting with Casas Patronales, a growing winery that is very concerned both with the quality of their wine and providing it at a great price. From Casas Patronales, we are importing a Carmenere and a Malbec. The Malbecs of Chile are reaching a degree of excellence in quality, taste and aroma, that we are excited to share them with California.



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