The Carmenere grape disapeared 151 years ago due to an unfortunate plague in 1860, The Filoxera. After the French plague, it was assumed the Carmenere varietal was extinct, much to the dismay of wine connoisseurs everywhere. However, in 1994, the French wine maker Jean Michel Boursiquot discovered that tucked away among the merlot vines of Chile, the Carmenere grape had been hidden for over a century – intensive studies back in France confirmed Boursiquot’s astonis hing find.

The Carmenere grape was alive and well in Chile. This strain of grape, originated in Bourdeux, is sensitive to a variety of diseases and pests, but thanks to the Chilean climate and the controlled conditions of our vineyards, the Carmenere varietal is secure and thriving in its new home. Carmenere wine is a deep, powerful, red hue, with hints of violet. Aromas of red fruits and spices compliment. The Soft tannins and smooth taste that distinguishes it from a Cabernet Sauvignon. Perfect for serving with lamb (without sauces), meat and pastas with light flavoring, soft pork, vegetables stews and creamy cheese with moderate flavor.